Thanks for using Akuvox intercom system

Here is the Guide for adding your key fob into the system
First thing, only the Master Account in the Unit can add the key fob#
And also you will find the Key fob number on the key fob that have 8digits numbers

1. Open and log in the SmartPlus App with the master account
Tap on “Me” at the bottom right in the menu

2 Tap on “Authorization”

3 Tap on “RF Card”

4 Tap the + sign on the top right corner

5 Fill in the Key Fob Number in the “Code”
Chose which User to use the key fob and then hit “Submit”

if you need to remove the key fob

look for the user which need to remove the key fob and swipe it to left
you will see the trash bin icon to remove that key fob